Why Prometheus?

Prometheus is an impressive mythological figure. The wisest Titan. Able to foretell the future. Recognized for his powers of creation. A champion of humanity known for his intelligence and wise counsel. In short, Prometheus was the protector and benefactor of man.

Indeed, the ancient Greeks credited Prometheus for his commitment to enlightenment. In large part they did so because Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to bring light – where there was darkness – to the world.

Like Prometheus, our founders understand the importance of innovation and creation. Like Prometheus, we are determined to serve. Like Prometheus, we are unwavering in our commitment to bring the fire of enlightenment – and advocacy – to our clients.

We understand our business. Equally important, we understand yours. The practice of law is not simply about money. The practice of law started as – and must remain – a noble profession. Though we try to make a good living, our principle objective is not to enrich ourselves. Above all, our objective is to provide our clients with the most effective representation possible at the most attractive price possible.

How can we do this? Through the creation of an innovative asset-light service platform that dramatically reduces the fixed costs that mandate the exorbitant hourly rates traditional law firms charge.

The result? Delivering world class legal service – our lawyers graduated from the world’s most elite universities and law schools and have distinguished themselves professionally after years of practice – at relatively modest rates.